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Voices From Our Graduates
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Gender: Male    Name: Isaac Ong Graduated: Dec 2018

I just want to say that it has been a fruitful journey being a student of SSDC. Thanks to all the heavy vehicle driving instructors, I can't believe I have attained my class 4 and class 5, both with only one attempt. Thank you for all your patience and dedication. I have benefited a lot from the trainings. When I first got into a class 4 lorry, I was very afraid and worried due to the size of the vehicle, even throughout my lessons, I would feel very worried and nervous.... Thanks to your dedicated teachings, I have finally attained class 5, and I have overcome my fear .......

Special shout-out to,

Instructor: Tan Chu Kuan ( 5270 ), to be honest, you are one of the stricter instructors, thanks to you, I have overcome my fear in a class 4 vehicle.

Instructor: Tan how Leng ( 5418 ), I still remember you are the one who took me for the last 2 lesson for class 4, your constant reminder and naggings, have made the TP test a breeze.

Instructor: Tan Teck Hong ( 5940 ), thanks for constantly reminding me to check the 'boom' for class 5, also for reminding me about all my bad habits in driving.

Instructor: Heng Aik Piow ( 5206 ), you are the instructor who taught me the most during me class 5 days. I really appreciate your effort in your dedicated teachings. Still remembered I was always worried that I would hit a kerb or vehicle when I was in the driver's seat. Thanks for making the in asking me to alight from the vehicle at very part of the driving circuit to let me have a view of the exterior of the vehicle and how much space there was between the rear tyres and the kerb.

Instructor: Mr Muhammad Gazzali B Hamid ( 5912 ), I still remember you were my instructor for class 4, lesson 1. I believe you can see me sweating and trembling in the lorry, hehe. Thanks for your assurance and teaching me the proper braking techniques.

To all the instructors: do keep up the good work to nurture competent drivers.
To the customer service officers: thanks for all the effort in helping me adjust my practical lessons dates to suit my timings, Thanks for opening a TP slot for me even though it wasn't Available. It really benefited me to have my TP a day after my last lesson, where everything was fresh in my mind.

Your efforts are all appreciated :)

Thank you :)

I would definitely promote SSDC for the heavy vehicle driving course :)

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Gender: Male    Name: Muhammad Syazwan Graduated: Dec 2018

I graduated from Class 3A on the 7th December 2018 with 6 points.

It will not happen without your friendly, patient and professional driving instructors.

Special thanks to Mr Lim Su Kwee (5583) for teaching and guiding me throughout most of my learning journey in SSDC. I am glad that we crossed paths and he became my preferred fixed instructor until my last revision lesson prior to the actual driving test. Very good pointers, random jokes and most importantly, I was able to learn and absorb his lessons.

Thank you Mr Lim Su Kwee (5583)!

Not to forget, a big thank you to your Senior Driving Instructor, Mr Lim Hock Wah (5198) for conducting lessons in a more welcoming setting with his cool temperament. Lessons with him were more enjoyable and positive! Not only he taught the driving skills but he also instilled confidence and believe in me prior to the actual driving test.

Thank you Mr Lim Hock Wah (5198)!

I graduated from Class 2B at SSDC Yio Chu Kang branch back in 7th August 2008, glad that I made the right choice to enroll in Class 3A at SSDC once again.

Thank you :)

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