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Voices From Our Graduates
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Gender: Female    Name: Genevieve Graduated: Feb 2019

I graduated from Class 3A (SSDC Woodlands) on 2 Feb 2019 with 8 points. This was my first driving test attempt and I would like to convey my thanks to SSDC as well as all the driving instructors who have taught me, especially my two fixed driving instructors:

Mr Tan Keat Peng (5532) and Mr Cherh Keem Theng (5672)

Both Mr Tan and Mr Cherh are very experienced, friendly and patient driving instructors. They impart valuable knowledge and share their insights with their students and I have benefited a lot from their coaching. I was able to gain confidence and became steadier in my driving. I have been very fortunate in having them as my fixed driving instructors and was able to make good progress towards completing the requisite lessons as well as revising for the practical driving test. Most of the credit to my success in passing the test on the first attempt must go to both Mr Tan and Mr Cherh!

Thank you Mr Tan and Mr Cherh!

I would also like to thank the customer service staff at SSDC Woodlands for their warm and efficient service in answering queries and processing various transactions. I would also like to compliment SSDC on the efficiency and reliability of its website and online system. Students are able to perform many tasks such as booking/cancelling/try-selling lessons, reserving instructors, scheduling theory and practical tests, etc, in an expeditious and convenient manner. At the SSDC, the whole process to achieving a qualified driving license is well-structured, systematic and professional.

I would strongly suggest SSDC Woodlands to anyone who is considering earning a driving license. And I would highly recommend that they take their driving lessons under Mr Tan Keat Peng (5532) and Mr Cherh Keem Theng (5672).

Thank you very much.

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Gender: Female    Name: Rachel Quek Graduated: Feb 2019

I passed the TP test (1 Feb) on first attempt and I would like to express my sincere appreciation to instructor,
Mr Ong Boon Wei (5678).

Mr Ong is a dedicated & detailed instructor. He always find ways to suit & fine-tune my driving habit to ensure i can do my parking. Especially during my last few revisions with him before the test, he perfected my circuit & revised my weaknesses on the road even if the lesson time has exceeded & eat into his lunch time.

When i had lessons with other instructors (not to mention name) who made sexist remarks and crushed my confidence, Mr Ong encouraged & assured me that i am doing well. With him around, i had more confidence which is an important factor to all learners! The only way i can thank him for his dedication is to pass the test at first attempt.

Thank you Mr Ong! I did it because you believe in me! You are truly an asset to SSDC & SSDC is blessed to have you in the organisation.

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Gender: Female    Name: Nicole ANG Graduated: Feb 2019

After 7 weeks of driving lessons with SSDC, I passed my 3A driving test after two attempts.

I would like to express special thanks to
  • Mr. ONG BOON WEI ( 5678 ) as well as
  • Mr. TAN KEAT PENG (5532 ).
My driving lessons began (03/12/18) without any fixed driving instructors until I met Mr. ONG at my seventh driving lessons which thereafter changed my mind to have fixed driving instructors.

Mr. ONG (5678) is an experienced instructor who offers very clear and concise explanation in facilitating my understanding on the improving my driving skills. In addition, he is quick in identifying and addressing my weakness especially for the circuit segments such that I have absolute zero difficulties in handling the Circuit segments of both my TP tests.

Mr. TAN (5532) is a very friendly and polite instructor who has great patience in guiding me through my lessons with SSDC.With fixed instructors - Mr. ONG and Mr. TAN, it enables to progress very fast to complete my 3A lessons and be ready for my TP.

After my first TP failure (24/01/19), Mr. ONG reviewed my mistakes and encouraged me that I can definitely pass in the next attempt. It took only me another 3 revisions with him to pass my next TP (09/02/19) with ease after Mr. ONG's patience guidance and concise advice.

Once again, thank you SIR!
Thank you SSDC!
You guys are great!

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