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Voices From Our Graduates
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Gender: Female    Name: Tiffany Ong Graduated Oct 2018

I should like to compliment Ms.Syarinny, who is one of the Customer Service officers at SSDC Woodlands branch.

On 23 September, at about 11am-12pm, I was at SSDC with the intention to sign up for driving classes. I was attended to by Ms.Syarinny, who was very helpful and patient in explaining the procedure.

What I find truly commendable was Ms. Syarinny's professionalism. SSDC centre was packed with students that day, and yet, she was very patient and attentive to every enquiry.

I was very impressed with Ms.Syarinny's attitude towards her work as a Customer Service Officer at SSDC. Please convey my sincerest appreciation to her.
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Gender: Male    Name: Paul Chin Graduated Oct 2018

I attended a circuit revision lesson yesterday in preparation for my TP test on October 18th.

The instructors were very warm, helpful and professional in helping to refine my skills.

My appreciation to them.
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Gender: Male    Name: Edwin Koh Graduated Oct 2018

My name is Edwin Koh, a graduate of SSDC on 3 Oct 2018 and I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for a few driving instructors during my learning journey here at SSDC.

I would like to thank the following instructors:
  1. Mr.Chew Sai Ong (6244)
  2. Mr.Shahnom (6192)
  3. Mr.Tan (6247)
I am extremely grateful to Mr Chew because he has been my favourite instructor from the beginning.

During my first couple of lessons, I was under quite a bit of pressure because I was not used to driving a manual car and was taught by a rather strict instructor.

During the 3rd lesson, I met Mr Chew and he is one of the nicest person I have ever met. He was extremely patient with me and guided me very carefully. It was because of Mr Chew that I persevered on to learn manual driving and passed my practical test on the first try. I am so glad to have earned a Class 3 License.

We had a lot of fun out on the road and in the circuit as he brought me around many places for me to practise public road driving. He knew my weaknesses and reminded me many times not to repeat those errors.

Thank you to all my instructors for your patient and warm guidance. It’s been a pleasure to learn at SSDC.
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Gender: Female    Name: Saradha Graduated Oct 2018

I have been taking lessons for my driving under ssdc for the past few months and I passed by driving test on my first attempt today. I wanted to thank all the instructors who have patiently taught and guided me during this time. I would also like to especially thank Mr.Lim SK (5583) and Mr.Oh Gim Cheonh (5353) with whom I've had multiple lessons. Their kind manner and patience really made a difference. Mr.Yeo TL (5168) and Mr.Loh KC were also very helpful (5583). Thank you very much to all the other instructors as well!
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