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Voices From Our Graduates
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Gender: Female    Name: Hazel Wong Graduated July 2017

I am writing in to compliment Anthony Lim, staff ID (6188). For his patience and guidance to all the lessons that he has taught me, I truly find that he is someone who put in 101% of his time to teach. He was caring, and put in efforts to correct my mistakes, and never complain about delaying his time. He gave great pointers and guided me through every step, even to the extent that he helps me find the best and most efficient way for me.

To be honest, a few instructors have taught me, but none has his patience and perseverance in teaching. I do not believe having a fix instructor, however, after 1 lesson with him, I decided to be taught by him on my last 3 lessons before I proceed for my practical test.

And yes, I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart, with his proper guidance, I passed the test on a 1st attempt.

Thank you SSDC and instructor Anthony.

Gender: Female    Name: Meow Ping Graduated July 2017

I would like to thank the following instructors:

  1. Rayzid (5492)
  2. Shahnom (6192)
  3. Firdaus (6064)
  4. Hardi (5706)
  5. Shukor (5663)
  6. Jamilah (5433)
  7. Lee H K (5140)
For providing patience and guidance during my time in SSDC. I was a slow learner with lack of confidence. Those instructors were caring, patience, funny, fierce when necessary and encouraging. They really go all out to correct my weakness to make me a safe and confidence driver.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Mr. Zulkeplee (my tester). Your big smile and less stern face reduce my anxiety and nervousness greatly.

Thank You SSDC.

Gender: Female    Name: Joanna Khng Graduated July 2017

I will like to thank Instructor Shamsudin ID (6155) for his patience and tolerance towards a slow trainee like me. I'm having my 3rd TPPT today, whether I pass or fail, he had done beyond his part in teaching me all and more than I should know.

It's my phobia of being tested that I need to get over.

Mr. Shamsudin, thank you so very much. Hope I won't disappoint you to... I PASSSED.

Thank You SSDC.
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