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E-Enrol Terms and Conditions

Class 2B Riding Course
(Enrolment fee paid is non-refundable.)

For riding a motorcycle not exceeding 200 cc. ( Training is conducted in SSDC Woodlands Circuit )


  • I am 18 years old as of today.
  • I am presently not under any suspension or disqualification from driving and I have not accumulated more than 12 demerit points for any class(es) of Qualified Driving Licence that is held by me.
  • If my driving licence has been revoked before, it must be more than one year from the date of revocation and Enrolment can be done only at SSDC Counter.
  • I do not suffer from epilepsy, mental disorder, sudden attacks of giddiness, fainting, inability to read at a distance of 25 metres (with the aid of glasses, if worn) and not suffering from any physical disabilities which will likely to cause driving of a motor vehicle to be a source of danger to the public.
  • I am not colour blind.
  • I will abide strictly to all the rules and regulations of SSDC Ltd including its amendments.
  • I will not hold SSDC Ltd and its employees liable for any accidents, injuries or death sustained in the course of my training.

Important Notes

  • If you have any serious traffic offences pending against you, you are advised not to apply for a licence. This is because if you are eventually disqualified by court from holding or obtaining a driving licence, the disqualification could be for all classes of driving licence including any newly acquired licence.
  • If you have been awarded more than12 demerit points, or have cases pending against you which will make you liable to be awarded a total of more than 12 demerit points, you will not be allowed to take a theory/practical driving test.
  • If you have a Class 3/3A Qualified Driving Licence or had passed your Basic Theory Test (BTT), you are exempted from taking the BTT for this course. You are required to notify us when you collect your enrolment documents at our counter.
  • New driver who has two cases of not displaying distinguishing mark (triangular sign) against them, whether the cases are concluded or otherwise, will not be allowed to take a theory/practical driving test.
  • For conversion case, if you have been issued a new identification number (from FIN to NRIC) before or after you have booked a test date, you are required to update the changes with the Traffic.
  • Police Testing Section and the driving school before the test date. Otherwise you will be disqualified from taking your test.

I have read and declared that I satisfy the above criteria.
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